Artificial intelligence means everyone can now be a computer programmer as all they need to do is speak to the computer, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said on Monday, hailing the end of the “digital divide.” From a report: Speaking to thousands of people at the Computex forum in Taipei, Huang, who was born in southern Taiwan before his family emigrated to the United States when he was a child, said AI was leading a computing revolution. “There’s no question we’re in a new computing era,” he said in a speech, occasionally dropping in words of Mandarin or Taiwanese to the delight of the crowd. “Every single computing era you could do different things that weren’t possible before, and artificial intelligence certainly qualifies,” Huang added. “The programming barrier is incredibly low. We have closed the digital divide. Everyone is a programmer now — you just have to say something to the computer,” he said. “The rate of progress, because it’s so easy to use, is the reason why it’s growing so fast. This is going to touch literally every single industry.”

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