Android’s Multiple Users feature can be pretty handy, especially on shared devices. You can set up secondary profiles for work and other use cases, like when your nephew wants to borrow the phone for gaming, or your partner wants to change the color temperature of smart lighting. Google has made it quite easy to switch between two or more profiles, and now, the company is designing a new animation for when you do just that.


Switching between profiles is as easy as selecting one from the Quick Settings panel. Android 13 added colorful new icons for user profiles and used a fade animation when switching, but Mishaal Rahman revealed that Android 14 Beta 3 has significantly reworked the UI with a more appealing animation. As soon as you initiate the switch, the screen now quickly fades to reveal a full-screen profile icon with a circular progress bar around it, which disappears after the other profile is loaded. The interface went full-screen recently with Android 13, and we’re glad Google isn’t rolling back that change.

The new profile switcher animation is ever so slightly different from the older one, and it’s one of those changes that can go unnoticed unless you use the feature often. We are happy to see Google embracing Material Design 3 guidelines even for somewhat niche settings like these. The transition doesn’t feel buttery smooth just yet, but we have faith the UI will be fixed before the stable release.

You can set up profiles for regular use or simple guest profiles for temporary use in Settings -> System -> Multiple users. A profile’s user can customize the wallpapers, apps, accessibility settings, and even Photos app content without ever disturbing the same for other profiles on the phone. Remember that user profiles can also change device settings which would impact all other users. For security, the device owner can always delete unwanted profiles or reset them with just a few taps.

Even if you don’t use multiple user profiles on your phone, recent beta builds have made it clear that the first stable Android 14 release will have many features to look forward to.

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