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From canapes to cakes, your ultimate guide to throwing (and attending) the most delicious wedding ever

You’re probably attending a wedding this year. Heck, it might even be your own (in which case, congrats!). And as anyone who has planned one can tell you, weddings today are about so much more than a marriage contract. At their best — whether they’re 300-person, three-day bashes or a trip to the courthouse followed by lunch — weddings are celebrations of partnership and community. At their worst, they are superficial status symbols, stressful ordeals for couples and guests alike. But wherever your next wedding falls on this spectrum (let’s hope it’s the former), one thing holds true: The food matters.

Good food does not always equate to a good wedding, but it certainly helps. And along with fulfilling the practical need of satiating the guests, the food served throughout the event reveals something bigger — about the couple’s personal taste, but also our culture. The precise choice of canape, the decision to plate dinner versus putting out a buffet, the style of cake or absence of cake altogether are weighty considerations that change with the times, elevating wedding food into its own unique culinary genre that, frankly, deserves exploring. (For what it’s worth, we’re Team Cake.)

And so, as we enter into wedding season 2023, Eater is here to help any food-passionate couple throw an unforgettably delicious party all while examining some of the flavorful rituals that have made weddings the central tradition they are. Even if there are no sweetheart tables or cake cuttings in your future, we have advice for how to eat well the next time you’re invited to witness some “I do”s, from how to avoid a disappointing entree to pacing yourself at the bar to rocking the registry. Because as soon as the rings are exchanged, the broom is jumped, or the glass is smashed, it’s really just time to eat.

Ria Osborne

Don’t Be Too Cool for Cake

Four professional bakers on how to get a wedding cake that’s worth it

Ria Osborne

How to Throw the Ultimate Restaurant Wedding

Some advice from planners and a restaurant-industry couple plotting their very own three-day, restaurant-filled wedding

Ria Osborne

Mashed Potatoes in a Martini Glass

And the other foods you only see at weddings

Ria Osborne

A Wedding Buffet for the Ages

At Indian weddings, more is more. Here’s how one catering company pulls off its daylong feasts.

Ria Osborne

Wedding Food Horror Stories

Disaster tales from industry pros

Ria Osborne

Skip the Brunch, Have the After-Party

Because sometimes, the after-party is the best part

Ria Osborne

Let Him Eat Cake

The groom’s cake tradition, explained

Ria Osborne

How to Crush a Wedding

Make the absolute most of your next wedding RSVP with this Eater-approved advice

Ria Osborne

Advertiser Content: 5 Wedding Food Trends to Watch

This wedding season, nostalgia is in

Ria Osborne

Eloping With Enchiladas

When the best wedding food isn’t wedding food at all

Ria Osborne

27 Must-Have Kitchen Items for Your Registry

Trust us, you’re not going to use that cherry pitter

Where to Find the Best Restaurants for Your Wedding Day

If you’re now convinced you should have a restaurant wedding, start here





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