Maybe it’s just because so many pitchers have removed themselves from the discussion entirely — with Jeffrey Springs, Robbie Ray and Luis Garcia all suffering season-ending injuries in recent weeks — but the IL stash rankings don’t seem as crowded as when we last looked a month ago.

And they’ll be even less crowded once Liam Hendriks and Royce Lewis are activated from their rehab assignments. Oh, you don’t have them stashed? Well, make sure no one else in your league does either because they weren’t exactly high-priority targets on Draft Day. Hendriks had been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, with no timetable for his return, and Lewis was recovering from a torn ACL.

Flash forward to now, and they’re both in prime position to make an impact in Fantasy. Hendriks is already five appearances into his rehab assignment and is expected to reclaim the closer role upon joining the White Sox. Lewis, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2017 draft, is far less proven but made immediate impact when he was called to the majors last year and could get a look at third base for the Twins.

You wouldn’t be adding them on equal terms, of course. Hendriks is a must while Lewis is more of a speculative play. But that’s what these rankings are here to help you sort out — namely, what’s the best use of your precious IL space?

Too valuable to drop, period

Also really difficult to drop

Still a priority on some level

Stashing is purely a luxury

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