Megafire Action and IDW, 2022 | Explore

Megafire Action

Megafire Action is a non-profit organization advocating for solutions to the wildfire crisis.

Sherwood Forestry Service, 2023 | Explore

Watch Duty

Watch Duty is a free app to track real-time information on wildfires in the west.

Lucy Walker | Paramount, 2021 | Watch

Bring Your Own Brigade

Bring Your Own Brigade is a documentary film about the devastating California fires and potential paths forward.

Brendan M. Rogers, Stefano Potter, Anna Talucci, et al. | The Woodwell Climate Research Center, 2023 | Article

“Changing Boreal Fire Regimes”

The Woodwell Climate Research Center initiative on boreal fires is studying how climate change is increasing the carbon emitted by global wildfires — and what could be done about it.

Genevieve Biggs, Caitlin Cobb, Kate Dargan Marquis, et al. | Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, 2022 | Explore

“Wildfire Resilience Initiative”

The Moore Foundation Wildfire Resilience Initiative is a major new effort to comprehensively address the wildfire crisis., 2023 | Explore

“Technology to end megafires” is a non-profit working to make it faster, easier and safer to do planned burns.

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