Last year we saw Google get serious about wearables, and despite some flaws, the Pixel Watch still rates among our favorite Android smartwatches to buy. But even though we were for the most part very happy with the stylish design, build quality, and Fitbit integration, not everyone’s had such a smooth go of things. We’re now learning of multiple reports going back months and months of the Pixel Watch spontaneously falling apart in users’ hands — and Google has something to say about it.


Over on Reddit, reports from Pixel Watch owners about its backplate suddenly falling out have been popping up for at least the last few months (2, 3, 4). The issue does not seem widespread, but it is also not small enough to be ignored. In most cases, users report their Pixel Watch back came off while removing the wearable from the charging puck. This seems to point to an issue with the adhesive that holds the back and the watch together.

Contacting Google support has worked for most users, as the company sent a replacement unit to most. However, in some cases, owners had to escalate the issue as support asked for $300 to file a warranty claim or denied a replacement.

This is not the first instance of Google’s devices facing random hardware or build quality issues. There have been complaints from Pixel 7 users about its rear camera glass spontaneously shattering without any apparent reason. With the 2021 Pixel 6 series, there were complaints about its screen randomly cracking.

In a statement to Android Police, a Google spokesperson acknowledges, “We’re aware of a very small number of Google Pixel Watch users having an issue with the glass on the back of the watch. We’re working to identify its cause and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.”

We’re sure hopeful the team is able to get to a resolution soon, because this whole situation has us nervous. Even if your Pixel Watch is holding together for now, if there is some issue with the adhesive that glues the smartwatch’s back to the chassis, could this potentially affect the wearable’s dust and water resistance? We’d love some reassurances.


Google statement

Post updated to include Google’s response.

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