It’s the small details that get Jorja Smith high in her new single, “Little Things.” On the track, which fuses R&B with clubby rave music, she flirts relentlessly with the person who caught her eye. “Won’t you come with me and spend the night,” she sings in the chorus. “Just a little thing for you and I/And if it’s meant to be then that’s all right.” The track is streaming now, and a 7-inch single available via her online store features an extended mix and an instrumental.

“The song is pretty self-explanatory: I had a lil concoction — rum, ting, and a magnum,” she said in a statement. “When we started creating this song, I was just imagining hearing this walking into a party and seeing someone I’d had my eye on. It’s fun!”

The song’s video, which features a cameo by rapper Headie One, follows a couple falling in love at a party, along with interviews with revelers. Answering the question, “What do you find attractive in other people?” party people give some interesting answers: “Dad jokes,” “I’m a teeth person,” and, perhaps the most unusual fetish, “veiny hands.” The rest of the video contains party footage with a guy and a girl making eyes at each other and lots of dancing.

Bolade Banjo, who directed the clip, explained in a Very British Statement that it’s all about “a snog with someone you’re crushing on.”


“The lyrics and instrumental were very much dedicated to the direction of the video, it was about finding the stylistic language that made sense,” Banjo said. “Speaking with Jorja about how she wanted to approach this it became apparent; ‘Little Things’ was within itself.”

The track follows another new Smith track, “Try Me,” which came out about a month ago. She has been releasing singles every once in a while since the release of her 2021 EP, Be Right Back, whose “Burn” Rolling Stone called a Song You Need to Know.

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