The record marks the rap rocker’s first release since his album God Save the Teen, which featured songs about his relationship with Lavigne (before it ended)

Some things just aren’t meant to be, and that’s the lesson Mod Sun learned and spun into his latest single “Strangers.” Earlier this year, just after the release of his latest album God Save the Teen, the rap rocker and Avril Lavigne called off their engagement after a 10 month relationship. The album featured a song called “Avril’s Song” about the healing impact their relationship had on him. In many ways, “Strangers” is its b-side.

“I remember loving you before we ever met/Saw you on the TV and I met you through a friend/Then I started talking to you on the internet/Went from strangers, to lovers, to strangers again,” Mod Sun sings on the new single. The video for the track was filmed in Paris — the same city where he proposed last year.

“Just a couple weeks and I’m already moving in/Lying to each other while we’re lying in your bed/Guess it really did go up in flames in the end.” That last lyric seems to be a reference to “Flames,” the collaboration the couple released in 2021.

“Strangers” marks Mod Sun’s first musical release since God Save the Teen, and the first time he’s nodded to the breakup. In February, after TMZ published photos of Lavigne with rapper Tyga at a restaurant together amidst rumors of a breakup, a representative for the musician told People: “They were together and engaged as of three days ago when Mod left for tour so if anything has changed that’s news to him.”


The new single seems to reference this period of confusion in the lyrics: “Our first fight, I saw your true colors, your bad side/Pictures on the internet you can’t hide/Soon as I go out of state, I’m out of mind.”

In February, Mod Sun spoke to Rolling Stone about the process of creating God Save the Teen from a fresh perspective, having traded in unhealthy codependencies for a true relationship with Lavigne. “I’m so fortunate to be in this really healthy relationship. I’m truly with a grown woman, like, my girl is a grown up in the coolest way possible,” he said at the time. “She balances being this total badass rockstar with being a grown up and being like, it’s cool to do that. And she has really shown me that in so many ways and it’s just made my future so much more exciting.”

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