Google Pixel Watch

$300 $350 Save $50

The Pixel Watch takes Google’s Wear OS and combines it with Fitbit health tracking to deliver a versatile little smartwatch. It’s as stylish as they come, all while offering some intuitive features both for day-to-day use and fitness goals. And with a $50 discount, this is a great bargain for one of the best smartwatches around.

We all know that keeping in good shape is important, but for some of us time just isn’t on our side. With busy schedules and work in the way, it can be tough to find the time to get back into your exercise routines. Thankfully, the Pixel Watch is here to help you out with all of that by combining Google’s suite of apps and Fitbit’s versatile health tracking software into a stylish wearable.

This is a premium smartwatch that takes everything Google does best — connecting you to friends, family, and work — and pairs it all with a bevy of health tracking tools and apps via Fitbit to help stay on track of your schedule and health. All of this does come with a premium $350 price tag, however, but thanks to this $50 discount, Google’s first wearable isn’t just one of the best smartwatches you can buy right now, but also one of the best deals.


Why the Google Pixel Watch is worth your money

The Pixel Watch offers everything you’d expect from an Android-based watch, from on-face messaging, to taking calls through Wi-Fi. However, what bolsters Google’s flagship watch is the hardware, the Fitbit integration, and regular updates to its Wear OS software.

On board the Pixel Watch is a mix of sensors to track daily (and nightly) activities, all of which collect data that’s used to provide suggestions on how to improve everything from sleep habits to workout routines.

But fitness isn’t just where the Pixel Watch succeeds. Through Google’s suite of apps you’ll be able to connect to friends and family, manage emails or messages, and more. All this functionality is easily accessed thanks to the simple-to-use Wear OS.

One downside to the Pixel Watch, however, is the battery life. It’s average at best, and in comparison to other wearables could be better. It should last you through the day before it needs to be recharged, but this is quite a bit less than other options on the market.

When all is said and done, the Google Pixel Watch is an all-around great wearable that’s also one of the best-looking watches available. The stainless steel watch case is durable and better feeling than the aluminum used by other brands, and it’s just got a solid, premium feel to it overall. For $50 off, this is a great chance to give the Google Pixel Watch a shot, while saving a bit of cash in the process.

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