We’re just a couple days away from June, a month set to bring us a whole lot more than just the start of summer, with high-profile Google hardware like the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet set to finally land. And while we’re incredibly excited to put that gear through its paces, our initial hands-on time with both the Fold and the Tablet have left us feeling a tad underwhelmed — or at the very least, expecting a little more. As we get ready for their arrival, a familiar voice is raising some questions about Pixel Tablet accessories, making us wonder what we might have gotten had Google launched its slate alongside a matching stylus and keyboard.


Tech leaker Kamila Wojciechowska brought us some early details about Google’s Pixel Tablet plans, and is back today tweeting about a “Keyboard for Pixel Tablet” and “Stylus for Pixel Tablet” that Google never ended up launching. Instead, the only accessories we saw Google confirm are the official Pixel Tablet Case with its metal ring stand, and additional charging docks (on the remote chance you actually like those and want more).

Wojciechowska doesn’t offer a ton of insight into Google’s ambitions for this hardware beyond just calling it out, but does suggest that both accessories are still in development — making us at least consider the possibility that we might one day actually get our hands on them. But as for functionality, pricing, and even design, we’re left largely in the dark.

The idea of a Pixel Tablet stylus has been bouncing around forever, and we’ve been expecting its support of USI 2.0 pens. The question of whether or not we’d actually see Google sell the Tablet with the company’s own stylus (whether bundled or made available separately) has managed to elude a clear answer.

For the moment, those plans still aren’t much more certain — Wojciechowska leaves the door open as to Google’s intention for this hardware, but if we had any say in the matter we’d be pushing the company to announce accessories like this sooner rather than later. Right now, the Pixel Tablet feels like it’s struggling with its identity, unsure if it’s a versatile smart-home display or the sort of tablet that could maybe even replace your laptop — and some unambiguously productivity-focused accessories could go a long way towards establishing that rep.

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Google Pixel Tablet

Even without a stylus or keyboard just yet, Google’s first tablet in years is nearly here. The Pixel Tablet runs Google’s own Tensor silicon and is ready to bring its 11-inch screen to your smart home this summer.

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