The Tales of the Cocktail Foundation’s 2023 Spirited Awards were held on Thursday in New Orleans, and Eater and Punch were each recognized in Writing & Media Categories.

Punch won the 2023 award for Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication. This is the brand’s second time winning Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication, among several other Spirited Awards wins over the years.

Eater won for Best Cocktail & Spirits Writing for “The Great Mezcal Heist,” a story by contributor Emma Janzen on how strict certification requirements for mezcal are pushing Indigenous Mexican agave distillers to ditch the term “mezcal” in order to preserve their culture. Janzen’s story was part of The Eater Guide to Oaxaca and was also nominated for a 2023 James Beard Foundation Award. This is Eater’s first Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Award.

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