Cross posted from r/antiwork 2008- I quit/fired and they tried to get me arrested!

I was working a 2nd job at our local small grocery and butcher shop , few nights a week to pay for my kids activities. I was hired as a cashier.

The person that did the end of day butcher shop clean-up/sanitizing quit. So instead of hiring someone for clean up, the owners decided that the cashiers could just do it between customers.

The owner sat at thier office ( watching tv and fucking around) and when a customer came in ( door bell would ring) , they would buzz the phone in the butcher area for the cashier to come check them out. When I came in for my shift at 6pm and was told about the new set up, I told them NO. I was not hired to clean up the butcher area, I was hired to run the register and stock shelves.

The owner then said I would clean the butcher shop or I could consider myself fired and they walked away. I said Fine, I grabbed my things and left.

Apparently, the owner thought I had gave in and was in doing the cleaning. So they buzzed the butcher area when customers came in for about 2 hours before someone told them no one was coming to check them out. The stores liquior area, cigarettes and scratchers got emptied out.

It was 7:30 and I got a screaming phone call from the owner about how he was calling the police and I was going to get arrested. Yeah, right.

Owner did call the police, The owner stated he wanted me arrested as an accomplice to the thefts, because I had left. Cops asked me to come to the store, which I did, and I explained that the owner had fired me, so I went home and the CCTV would prove that fact. The tape was reviewed, and plain as day, the owner said I was fired.

I estimate they lost about $30.000.00.

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