Nintendo has added classic Zelda games Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages to Nintendo Switch Online, its $20 yearly retro game subscription service.

Originally released in 2001 for the Game Boy Color, Oracle of Seasons and Ages are twin Zelda games that see protagonist Link transported to different worlds to save captured Oracles Din and Nayru. Oracle of Seasons grants Link the Rod of Seasons, which allows him to change the seasons in order to solve puzzles and progress to new area, while Oracle of Ages requires the Harp of Ages to travel through time.

Oracle of Seasons is billed as the more combat-focused game, while Oracle of Ages has more of a focus on puzzles, though both games still contain a healthy mix of each. By completing both titles, players can unlock a secret linked ending that connects the Oracle games to the broader Zelda story.

Both Oracle titles are now available on the Nintendo Switch through a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, which costs just $20 a year. The Game Boy Color titles join other classic Zelda games on Nintendo Switch Online including the original Legend of Zelda and A Link To The Past, as well as N64 titles Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask for Expansion Pack subscribers.

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