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Brentford take the plaudits from their fans, and Tottenham will have to go back in and come out again, to begin their lap of (dis)honour for their home fans.

Jon Collins makes a good point, a painful one for Tottenham: “If Kane does leave, Spurs will simultaneously lose both their best goal scorer and their best creative player. A bit like Man City losing Haaland and De Bruyne at the same time. Hard to see them recovering from that, whoever the new manager is.”

Final score: Tottenham 1-3 Brentford

No fairytale for Harry Kane. Instead, Brentford show how it can be done without Ivan Toney. Spurs were the better team in the first half and then dreadful in the second. Bryan Mbeumo scored two fine goals. And now, Tottenham’s players must go on a lap of appreciation. That was Brentford’s first ever win at Tottenham.

90+7 min: Spurs’ push for a superhero finish hasn’t quite happened. The latest dig is by Moura and it’s well wide.

90+6 min: Tom emails in

Just confirming what I’ve just witnessed in case my tv set isn’t working:

90+4 min: Tottenham still have time. Raya seems inspired to stop them taking it. This game has been a fine demonstration of how careful planning can still win over wastefulness and the decadence of the top clubs.

90+2 min: Two brilliant saves from Raya, first from Richarlison and then from the same player. Wow. Then Moura slashes a volley wide.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Richarlison reacts after being denied by Brentford’s keeper David Raya Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

90 min: This has been a disaster for Tottenham, and the Lane is emptying. The Levy Out banners are out in force. A big summer ahead and one that starts with pain…but hang on..nine minutes have been added on. There’s still time for some Kane heroism.

Goal! Tottenham 1-3 Brentford (Wissa, 88)

Catastrophe for Tottenham, and their fans peel for the exit. It comes from a press of a throw-in. Skipp caught napping by Baptiste, and the ball is played in for Wissa to slot home. Wissa takes a seat to celebrate.

Brentford’s Yoane Wissa slots the ball past Spurs keeper Fraser Forster. Photograph: Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images

87 min: Harry Kane now appears to be directing the Tottenham tactical changes as well as attempting to referee the game. Well, it’s his send-off….

85 min: Rico Henry concedes a corner as Ben Davies departs for Ivan Perisic. Porro takes and there’s been a clash of heads. Ben Mee is down. Struck by the ball, no less.

83 min: Some bleak camera shots show Spurs fans looking like they have for much of this season. There’s still time for a Kane show. Porro, rather useful with his shooting, has a cross and Raya lies on the ball.

81 min: Glenn Hoddle himself in the stands looking pained.

Yash gets in touch: “This is a sign of how far Tottenham have regressed that in first half I was very happy when they played okay. The problem was it meant all the onus was on Brentford and they delievered. This game’s gone and last one is against Leeds away.”

80 min: Richarlison, oh Richarlison, stumbles over. No penalty even if Spurs want one. It’s usually in the last ten minutes of a game that Spurs wake up.

79 min: Wissa gallops back to interrupt Kane playing his playmaker role, the Hoddle role he likes to play.

78 min: Brentford make a change: Schade, who has run all day, goes off. Zanka goes on.

75 min: Spurs going for this, with several forwards on. 4-2-4? Kane dropping deep behind, maybe Son and Richarlison ahead of them.

73 min: Spurs have done little to fight back as yet. The subs bench is reached for: Richarlison is on, Kulusevski is off, Royal and Porro the other swap.

Spurs chairman Daniel Levy ponders from the stands. Photograph: John Walton/PA

70 min: A Parse Hydrant – of the Hertfordshire Hydrants? – gets in touch:

“The whole never change thing, were you peddling that when Spurs were competing properly for 3 years? Did they change then? I know the digs are easier, but some actual description of the defending rather than just ‘bad defending’ and the low hanging fruit jibes would be appreciated, by this audience member at least.”

OK, let’s start with never change: I’ve been watching Spurs for almost 40 years and you’re right, they were competing for three years. So not quite never. But most seasons. This season especially, they defend like that.

As for the defending, how about Romero Emerson and Skipp allowing the freedom of London for Mbeumo to gallop through, after Brentford putting on a good passer in Damsgaard. Thus allowing Brentford to score rather easily. That do yer? You will have seen it before.

67 min: Henry is booked for a shirt pull on Romero. Kane and Ryan Mason are in deep consultation. Who’s the boss there?

65 min: OK, this requires a Harry Kane rescue act, or this is Tottenham’s season in microcosm.

Danjuma off, Moura on for the final time.

63 min: Tottenham: never change.

Goal! Tottenham 1-2 Brentford (Mbeumo, 62)

Hickey challenges Kane, Damsgaard involved again and Mbeumo blazes down the left, and slots in. The goal, rather like the first, owed plenty to both fine finishing and terrible defending.

Spur’s Harry Kane and Yves Bissouma (right) react after going behind. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

60 min: Paul gets in touch

“In honour of Andy Rourke’s passing, here are some apt Smiths songs for Harry Kane.”

  • You’ve got everything now

  • I know it’s over

  • I started something I couldn’t finish

  • Well I wonder

  • Please, please, please let me get what I want

Watch out for Johnny’s dancing.

59 min: Danjuma is down, and Moura is warming up. Looks to be a knee problem.

57 min: Kulusevski plays the ball inside, and Kane goes for the first time shot…but clanks it well over the bar.

56 min: Nice sunshine down The Lane today, the roofs of the new stadium creating all types of patterns in the shadows. It’s Brentford creating the greater danger at this point. A long throw causes problems, then Mbeumo lashes in a shot. Forster saves.

53 min: This is the story of the Tottenham, especially anyone who has been there this season. At this point, the grumbling starts. Bit of Levy Out, the usual.

51 min: Brentford took full advantage of Tottenham dropping the tempo.

Goal! Tottenham 1-1 Brentford (Mbeumo, 50)

Damsgaard starts the move, and Mbeumo cuts in and smashes past Forster. That was a fine goal but awful defending from Tottenham.

Bryan Mbeumo slots a fine shot home to put Brentford back on level terms. Photograph: Kieran McManus/Shutterstock
Mbeumo and Aaron Hickey celebrates his equaliser. Photograph: Martin Dalton/Shutterstock
As do the Brentford fans. Photograph: Peter Cziborra/Action Images/Reuters

48 min: Slowish start to this half though Thomas Frank’s squawk can be heard loud and clear from the sidelines.

46 min: On the television, Darren Fletcher has compared Stuart Pearce’s goal v Spurs in the 1991 FA Cup final. Leaning on the wall maybe what he’s talking about.

Half-time change for Brentford: Onyeka off, Damsgaard on, that looks a move to try and restore order to midfield.

The commenters are in:

Matthew: “Given our propensity to start every game with the lethargy of a unloved stepchild awaiting the reading of the will, tottenham look surprisingly alert today, if not entirely solid.”

Colin: “Not sure it’s actually still known as ‘the Lane’ anymore. As for Kane’s last goal there, this Arsenal fan would rather not be reminded. Thanks.” It should be. It’s on the Lane.

Justin: “It’s hard to think of a team that wouldn’t be vastly improved by the addition of Harry Kane. To take three random examples, Arsenal might be champions; Leeds would be comfortably mid-table by now; and Haaland might even be looking to match Dixie Dean’s 60 league goals this weekend with the kind of service Kane delivers.”

Jeremy: “Is there a reason why Toney’s ban came into force rather than at the end of the season? It favours Tottenham and disadvantages Brighton, Villa and Brentford themselves in the competition for European places.”

Don Carlo staying on? Some talk of Mourinho back at Real this week.

Half-time: Tottenham 1-0 Brentford

Raya make a fine save from Kulusevski as the half closes out. Harry Kane’s free-kick was a beauty. Tottenham’s forwards have played the football of old. Brentford ought to be several goals down. But are not. somehow. Why? Because it’s Spurs.

45+2: Four minutes on and suddenly Tottenham step it up. Nobody wants to be on the end of Ryan Mason’s forked tongue.

44 min: Bissouma – urgh – that was a howler on Schade. The feet were up, and it was a lunge. Howard Webb, sat with the league of bald-headed men, didn’t like that. Yellow only? Lucky boy.

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